A special use permit requested to erect a mobile concrete plant at 2300 Hitzert Court in Fenton was denied on March 28 by Fenton Board of Aldermen.

Mike Marschuetz, representing Eureka-based Site Ready Mix Property Managers, LLC, petitioned to have Fenton’s industrial park zoning parameters adjusted as part of the request.

Nikki Finkbiner, Fenton community development director, stated on March 14 that city codes prohibit concrete or mobile cement batch plants to be placed within city limits. She said Public Works Director Matthew Budd had concerns regarding this request about elevated air and noise pollution, traffic congestion and accelerated deterioration of roads due to increased heavy equipment.

Fenton resident Mike Abbott said he feared dust from the potential plant would cause environmental problems to the adjacent river, children in nearby ballfields, and fish through runoff water. He said the plant’s byproducts could possibly change the lime composition and alkalinity of area soil.

“Valley Park and Sunset Hills already have mixed concrete plants available,” Abbot added.

Marschuetz indicated his intention was to earn money from the concrete plant, through the temporary special use permit for three years, to purchase the land lot from St. Louis-based US Capital Development, the company responsible for the 295-acre Fenton Logistics Park at 1050 Dodge Drive. However, Max Breitmayer, representing US Capital Development, told board members there were no existing contracts being negotiated between the two companies, stating they wanted to wait until a decision was rendered by city officials.

Marschuetz said his overall plan for the property was to build an indoor, recreational/athletic center. The special use permit for that application on the property was approved by Fenton aldermen during the same board meeting.

City Buys Flood Property

• Due to community health and welfare reasons, Fenton city officials agreed to purchase property at 671 Larkin Williams Road as a flood-damaged residence from Richard and Karen Heisel via the FEMA/SEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. Aldermen approved the purchase price not to exceed $110,000.

Personal Residence At Hotel

• A personal residence area for hotel owners within a proposed Baymont Inn & Suites, 650 S. Highway Drive, was denied by aldermen on March 28. The denial was due to city codes not allowing on-site family residences within Fenton’s hospitality zoned areas.

Crime Up In February

• Fenton Police Capt. Norman Mann reported homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle thefts were higher in February compared to February 2018. He said the rise in crime was due to drivers warming up their vehicles during cold weather, resulting in more thefts. He added that more police control had been applied in certain areas of the city, which resulted in catching and processing additional crimes.