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How Does Your Newspaper Get to You?


  • Every week, after our staff work hard to write, edit and lay out pages at our office in downtown Webster Groves, your hometown newspaper is printed and bundled at our printer in Breese, IL.
  • It then travels back to a central distribution location, where the bundles are given over to one of our 18 independent contractor carriers.
  • Our carriers, who live and work in your community or nearby areas, roll the papers with any advertising inserts to be distributed that week, and slide them into the iconic "little red bag".
  • They then load the rolled papers into their vehicles and throw their allotment of anywhere from 1,300 to over 7,000 papers to the lawns and driveways of all single-family homes and to the doors of most businesses in the areas depicted on the map below.


Some of these areas contain our bulk delivery locations, known as "store-stacks". The carriers who deliver to these locations don't roll the papers, but place them on racks or in distribution boxes on the street, always for free.

Also, many local businesses and grocery stores have graciously allowed us to distribute our papers from inside their establishments.

If there are stores that you frequent and would like us to drop off our papers each week, feel free to ask the business owner or manager to contact us and we can make that happen!

Remember, by financially supporting these local businesses and those you find advertised in the pages of our paper, you support your community's economy and our carriers, our employees and all of their families!

By supporting our advertisers, you also allow us to maintain our place as a credible source of news and information about your community.

 If you live in a house inside the area designated on the map for home delivery, but aren't currently receiving your hometown newspaper in the red plastic bag, please let us know in the "Delivery Issues" form, or by calling 314-968-2699.

Once we verify that you live inside one of our delivery routes, we will certainly make sure you start receiving a paper each week.

We also offer mailed subscriptions (for a small postage and handling fee) for those living outside of our delivery area.